ABBA is a christian community which associates local churches in the task of rescuing at-risk youth with the goal of placing each one in a christian home.

ABBA: vision & mission

ABBA (Associação Brasileira Benificente Aslan - website: is a local Christian missionary organization in São Paulo that, ever since 1992, offers assistance to children & teenagers at risk and their families.  We focus on two main areas:

1. ABBA offers help, shelter and guidance to street children, with the goal to eventually put each child back into a healthy, stabile family; this could be either their biological family, or a foster or adoptive home.

2. ABBA is also active in a few local slum areas in the city, where we offer children & teenagers a healthy, meaningful occupation of their days and try to help and support their families, so as to prevent that more families collapse and more children get involved in drug use and crime, and run off to the streets.

In everything we do, it is our highest goal and great desire to bring the Gospel to these people that God put on our way. We tell the children, teenagers and their families about God´s love, the cross and the forgiveness that we have in Jesus, about eternal life and the hope that He wants to give us.

This way, as a community, as Christians together, we try to be salt and light here in Brazil, living in obedience to God´s mission to bring the Gospel and to look after the poor, the weak and the oppressed in our society. To do this job, we count on different local churches that support ABBA and every now and then actively participate in what goes on in the ministry. Because we believe that this mission that God has given us isn´t exclusively meant for missionary organizations; on the contrary, the role and responsibility of local churches is very important! 

ABBA: the team

ABBA consists in a team of round and about 25 full time missionaries from different countries worldwide. The directory board of the organization is a small group of pastors and other key persons from local churches. Every now and then, we also receive short term volunteers from all over the world who come to serve at ABBA for a short period of time, normally between 1 and 6 months. We´re a very diversified group of people, a strong unity though, with one same passion and vision.

The ABBA team
ABBA: the different ministries

- Casa Elohim – Shelter for boys and girls at risk.

- Casa Semear – Community center in one of the local slum areas where prevention work is done with children, teenagers and their families.

- Project Formigas – Street evangelization program for children in one of the biggest slums of São Paulo.

- Project Pérolas – Recruiting & training of Christian foster families who are willing to take in one of the children in ABBA´s care for an indetermined period of time.

- Equipe Técnica – Small team that works with the biological families of the children that are in our care; contacts with the local authorities, child protection, social workers and court.

ABBA: financial support

ABBA is a registered NGO (Not Governmental Organization), so we don´t receive any financial support from the government. All of the ministries named above, exist based on donations. Almost all of the staff are missionaries who don´t get paid by ABBA, but work as volunteers; they all have their own supporters base and take care of their personal financial support. So basically the whole organization functions based on donations coming from churches, organizations and individual people from different countries all over the world.

If you would like to support ABBA financially (once or monthly), please send us an email:

Donations for ABBA can be transferred to:

Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Américas - New York
Swift Code: BKTRUS33
ABA: 021001033
Account nr: 04004949
Beneficiary Bank: Banco Itaú S.A.
Swift Code: ITAUBRSP

For Further Credit to: ABBA
Branch number: 2921
Account number: 13404

Intermediary Bank: National Westminster Bank PLC - London
Swift Code: NWBKGB2L
ABA: 003179
IBAN: GB94NWBK60000404411560
Account nr: 04411560
Beneficiary Bank: Banco Itaú S.A.
Swift Code: ITAUBRSP

For Further Credit to: ABBA
Branch number: 2921
Account number: 13404