Casa Semear

Whenever the ABBA team receives new children directly from the street they are faced with the difficulty of persuading a “hardened” child that the street is not the best place for them to live.  For many years we dreamed of a team to work closely with some of the more “at risk” families in order to prevent the younger children from going to the street, since prevention is far easier than the long hard road of reintegration after the breaking of family ties.
After discovering that a large number of children from the streets of São Paulo came from the area known as Jardim São Jorge – a slum on the south side of São Paulo – a couple from ABBA established Projeto Semear in order to work alongside children at risk and their families.

Bible clubs, special education, sports activities, outings and home visits combine to create a safety net that keep younger siblings from making the same mistakes their older brothers and sisters have made by going to the street to live.

Dedicated couples are needed to begin grassroots movements in local areas where the risk of abandonment and runaway is high. We have found that the cost in both effort and resources is extremely low compared to the task of getting a child from the street back to his or her home after the family link has been broken.

Robert & Silvana Meikle
Coordinators of community centre Casa Semear 

Weekly program at Casa Semear

9.30 h – 11.30 h

Arts & Crafts
9.30 h – 11.30 h & 16.00 h - 18.00 h

Bible lessons + social orientation
16.00 h – 18.00 h

Arts & Crafts
9.30 h – 11.30 h & 16.00 h – 18.00 h

Games, sports & fun

The Casa Semear team

A big THANK YOU to our current volunteers: Ben & Michael!

Thank you so much for your presence and service at Casa Semear!